Brochure - Fashionist in English

CNR FASHIONIST 2018 exhibitors, among which some of the most prestigious brands in Turkey were present, offered a visual feast with more than 35 fashion shows they organized with famous models on the runway. To support evening gowns, wedding dresses, and chic ready-to-wear apparel industry, CNR FASHIONIST invests in the future and puts its signature on a new project for young designers. Evening Gowns/Bridal Design Competition will dazzle with the fashion show and awards ceremony.

Website content - Worldwide Trade International

As per our motto “Global Expansion Through Export” we prioritize increasing the exports of the companies we partner with, guiding them to increase their export numbers worldwide. We embraced the mission of becoming a first-class international trade fair company, hosting over 300.000 visitors and uniting them with more than 2000 companies annually, enabling them to showcase and promote their products and services. Connect with us to take steps towards your global success.

Article - Feelings Are Contagious In The Workplace

According to Yale sociologist Nicholas Christakis and Professor of Political Science And Medicine at the University of California James Fowler, a 20 year long study found that happiness is increased through social interaction and every happy person in your network increases your chances of happiness. • Low morale is also found to be spread from one employee to another. Professor Sigal Barsade’s research shows that a person’s emotions can spread in a group in an excessive speed.

Review - Elephant Journal - A 6-Year-Old’s Story about Fear

This begins as a cute story simply born from a child’s imagination. It turns into a touching reminder of what we often forget to do as adults. The advice this little boy gives is probably what we all hear in different manners from several people about closure, anxiety and fear. But somehow his words warm my heart even more as he gives the same message. I guess when it’s communicated through the language of a little boy the genuine truth speaks to our inner child more easily...

Article - How To Improve The Happiness and The Performance Of Your Employees

Studies show that the happiness of your employees raise their performance, therefore the success and profit of your company, while work stress and stress related issues can cause you to lose potential profit and your employees in the long run. So where do you need to start to promote well-being and happiness? Measure Work Stress related to: job security income disparity work relationships work load and long hours causing the loss of work/life balance